11.27.2018 - PAE ISR’s Resolute Eagle receives NAVAIR Interim Flight Clearance

STERLING, Virginia – PAE ISR received a Group 3 Interim Flight Clearance for the Resolute Eagle, vertical takeoff and landing configuration, from the Naval Air System Command located in Maryland on November 13, 2018.


10.17.2018 - Drone maker, FAA, NASA Reach Agreement

STERLING, Virginia – PAE ISR, LLC, the original equipment manufacturer of the Resolute Eagle unmanned aircraft system platform, has signed an agreement with NASA and the FAA to conduct a demonstration in the National Airspace System in 2020 and to work toward full integration of unmanned aerial systems in the NAS.

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10.16.2018 - PAE ISR Partners with NASA for 2020 Unmanned Aircraft Demo in US Airspace

STERLING, Va., Oct. 16, 2018 / PRNewswire / -- PAE ISR, LLC, the original equipment manufacturer of the Resolute Eagle, signed a cooperative agreement with NASA to conduct a demonstration in the National Airspace System in 2020 and work toward full integration of unmanned aerial systems into the NAS.

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10.08.2018 - PAE ISR Selects TASE400 Laser Designator for Resolute Eagle

PAE ISR, LLC, the original equipment manufacturer of the Group 3 unmanned aerial system (UAS), Resolute Eagle, selects the UTC Aerospace Systems TASE400 LD optical and laser designation payload system.

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08.30.2018 - General Atomics, PAE ISR, Bell Selected as NASA UAS Dev’t & Demo Partners

NASA will collaborate with General Atomics’ aeronautical systems business, PAE ISR and Textron‘s Bell subsidiary on a two-year project to demonstrate commercial unmanned aircraft systems through various flight missions.

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08.29.2018 - NASA Partners with Industry for 2020 Unmanned Aircraft Demo in Airspace

With a mutual interest in performing routine Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) flights in the National Airspace System (NAS), NASA is collaborating with industry through cooperative agreements that are expected to lead to flights in 2020.

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06.05.2018 - PAE ISR Selects Sagetech MX Transponder for the Resolute Eagle

PAE ISR, LLC selects Sagetech Corporation’s MX transponder product line for the Resolute Eagle, a long endurance, 210 pound unmanned aerial system (UAS). The MX transponder line allows PAE ISR to use a single form and fit across its entire UAS fleet, regardless of mission.

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03.27.2018 - PAE ISR Joins Virginia’s Global Defense Program

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership has selected PAE ISR to participate in a one-year export acceleration program meant to help defense companies expand into the global marketplace.

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03.26.2018 - PAE ISR Selected to Take Part in Virginia Export Acceleration Program

The one-year export acceleration program is designed to assist well-established aerospace and defense companies based in Virginia to diversify their businesses by expanding into foreign markets. To participate, companies must meet both quantitative and qualitative selection criteria.

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03.12.2018 - Navy Vet Chris Corgnati Joins PAE ISR as COO

Chris Corgnati, a 25-year U.S. Navy veteran, has joined PAE ISR as chief operating officer. PAE ISR is a joint venture of PAE, Battlespace Flight Services and American Operations Corp. that delivers ISR platforms and services to U.S. agencies, NATO and other international institutions.

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12.19.2017 - Sagetech Transponder Enables PAE ISR Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations in Civil Airspace

A PAE ISR Resolute Eagle UAS, equipped with a Sagetech XPC-TR-50 Mode C transponder, successfully completed a mission in civil airspace on November 8, 2017. The flight took place at the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range located at Pendleton Airport in Oregon while operating under an FAA Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA).

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11.15.2017 - Resolute Eagle Completes First Commercial Airspace Flight

PAE ISR recently proved its ability to integrate unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations into commercial airspace. The successful commercial airspace flight of PAE ISR’s Resolute Eagle took place on Nov. 8 at the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range located at Pendleton Airport in Oregon operating under a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Waiver or Authorization.

“This event signifies PAE ISR’s ability to successfully fulfill U.S. commercial and civilian requirements in addition to U.S. military missions,” said Chico Moline, President of PAE ISR. “We are excited by this achievement as it represents our ability to offer our dynamic platform to a broader customer set.”

The Resolute Eagle is a Group 3 fixed wing tactical UAS delivering advanced performance in payload capacity, available power, and a small logistical footprint to support a variety of mission profiles. It carries multiple intelligence payloads and offers long endurance capability at an affordable price.

PAE ISR LLC a joint venture of PAE, American Operations Corporation (AOC), and Battlespace Flight Services, LLC (BFS).